Welcome to the Honorary Consulate of Hungary

Üdvözöljük Magyarország Tiszteletbeli Konzulátusán!

Thank you for visiting our website. The Honorary Consulate welcomes you to the Kingdom of Bahrain. In order to assist you better, please note that our consulate is not a "career" diplomatic mission, i.e., it has limited authorization to perform consular duties.

No passport or visas can be obtained from this consulate. The consulate's jurisdiction is solely the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is mandated only to assist Hungarian citizens, Hungarians living abroad, tourists and the citizens and residents of Bahrain for their various consular matters related to Hungary.

The consulate mainly hosts information on various visa application procedures and does not provide services for authentication and verification of documents and signatures.

Our sincere hope that not only Hungarians and Bahrainis but also others will find this website useful in their dealings with Hungary. It is our honor and privilege to help you!

Best Regards, Minden jót!
Balazs Garamvolgyi
Honorary Consul
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Useful Links

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary: http://www.kulugyminiszterium.hu/kum/en/bal

Hungary's Official Homepage: https://magyarorszag.hu

Hungarian Residency Bond

Hungary has launched a residency program that allows non-EU nationals to obtainpermanent residency in Hungary and getting access to various EU benefits associated with such residency. Hungary became a member of the European Union in 2004 and is part of the Schengen-zone, therefore visas and residence permits issued in a member state are valid and recognized in all other EU countries. This program enables applicants to acquire a Hungarian lifetime residence permit, to travel visa free in Schengen countries and also to obtain a fast-track work permit in Hungary. Since the inception of the program more than one thousand residency bonds have been sold.